Volkswagen inaugurated its “We Campus” in Berlin. The new “We Campus” will bring collectively about 900 experts from Volkswagen and its technology partners who’ve previously labored at exclusive locations. In the future, they’ll develop new added value and mobility services to be provided in the “Volkswagen We” ecosystem. This also includes the total-electric vehicle sharing provider WeShare which has been released in Berlin with 1,500 e-Golf vehicles. (Earlier put up.) Volkswagen is continuously expanding its surroundings and intends to create, in addition to future-oriented jobs at the campus.

Volkswagen has orientated the ability near Alexanderplatz totally toward the necessities of modern digital improvement work. A vital function might be played with the aid of agile working strategies, that have been given individual attention within the layout of the workplace area, with a complete place of 15,900 square meters. In the future, interdisciplinary specialists inclusive of professionals which includes product developers, software engineers, and UX designers will work together directly on the “We Campus.” Participating era partners can be without delay involved. This will simplify processes and accelerate the testing of newly developed software program and apps.

Volkswagen is making use of the “-pizza rule” known from tech organizations. Under this organizational precept, agile groups have to be so small that pizzas could be adequate to feed all of the crew contributors. This technique shows that a group size of between 8 and ten specialists is ideal for promoting private facts alternate and reaping the blessings of agile running, which includes pace and self-agency without hierarchies.

At the new location, Volkswagen AG and its strategic accomplice Zirconium, in addition to UMI Mobility International, Volkswagen Group Services and Elli, the Volkswagen Naturstrom company will all be a part of forces.

Also, the new Campus as an improvement middle will play a critical function within the new “Car. Software” unit (earlier publish) of the Volkswagen Group and offer itself as a location for other Group manufacturers. By 2025, Volkswagen intends to organization greater than 5,000 experts incompetence regions including software program development, electrical and electronics development, connectivity, automatic using, consumer revel in (UX), cloud architecture and e-trade collectively in an agile “Car. Software” unit.

With its “Volkswagen We” environment, Volkswagen is presenting a developing variety of car-related digital and mobility services which can be used within the vehicle or through a smart cellphone. These consist of applications for cashless parking and battery charging (“We Charge”), beginning your very own car for parcel services and cleaning (“We Deliver” within the new Passat), smooth, handy parking (“We Park”) and the total-electric automobile sharing carrier “WeShare.”

Volkswagen is continuously expanding the range of offerings to be had within the “Volkswagen We” environment. From 2020, all new models, beginning with the entire-electric powered ID.3, are to be connected to the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud. This will make many features and services technically feasible for the first time, together with automobile updates and character and on-demand capabilities which can be enabled in the car — more than 1. Five million customers are already registered with “Volkswagen We” and the quantity is step by step developing.

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