The tale of Tri-States Automotive Warehouse, Incorporated spans many generations and locations. In reality, it’s for many of the companies with the longest records in Marianna.

“It’s kinda funny, but I would wager that a 3rd of the town has worked for our corporation,” Kelly Connolly shared. “They are all part of our Tri-States circle of relatives.”

The Tri-States tale started with Fred and Mary Henson. Fred was a Marianna High School graduate. Mary Henson had a degree in Chemistry from the University of Alabama. “My grandmother discovered that, at that time, she could earn extra money running as a college instructor than a DuPont chemist,” she explained. After the couple turned into married, they lived first in Anniston, Alabama where Elizabeth (Libby) become born. They later moved to 1st viscount Montgomery of Alamein, where Fred changed into an outside salesman and Mary become a Home Economics instructor, who made home visits.

The couple decided to return to Fred’s place of birth, Marianna, and in 1946 opened the first impartial components keep in this region, in which Ume is located today. The save became named Marianna Auto Parts and Supply Company and shared not high walls with different businesses. The constructing confronted Lafayette Street, and customers had been able to park in the front of the store. “My grandmother becomes an outstanding ‘Parts Counter Woman’,” Kelly delivered. The family tale surpassed down through the generations is Mary took infant Libby together with her to paintings and used paint containers behind the counter for a playpen.

A few years later, the business moved to in which the Supervisor of Elections’ workplace is placed these days. There were stables situated behind the store that then burned. The fire spread to the building that housed Marianna Auto Parts and Supply Company. However, the Henson circle of relatives had moved once more, this time to what is typically recognized today as the Marianna Appliance Store on Lafayette Street.

When their 2nd daughter Cathie become handiest seven, Fred Henson turned into tragically killed with the aid of an under the influence of alcohol driving force at the same time as on an income name. Mary later married Jim Rule, a salesman from Tennessee, and that they had a son, Jimmy. Jim turned into an expert in income and shop enlargement, and at some stage in this time, the range of auto components stores owned through the own family improved to four. By the late sixties, it became apparent that a warehouse was wanted for closer distribution of circle of relatives owned shops and probably other independent organizations. To this result in 1970, the family hooked up Tri-States Automotive Warehouse.

Over the next few years, the sister companies experienced a boom explosion. Ronnie Stevens, Bill Stevens, and James Lash were with the corporations inside the early days. Ronnie labored at Service Auto Parts on the counter, Bill worked for Mary, and James Lash became the chief salesman. “James might visit different components stores and convince the proprietors to provide Tri-States Automotive Warehouse their 2nd name because no one believed the warehouse should deal with their elements needs,” Kelly continued. The business enterprise grew quick from the 6,700 square foot single warehouse to a forty,000 rectangular foot structure built most effective four years later.



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