As of Saturday, March sixteen, it’s flawlessly criminal in Quebec to change out the iciness tires in your vehicle for summer tires — however that doesn’t imply it’s a fantastic concept.

CAA-Quebec is reminding Quebec motorists that the province sees, on average, forty to 50 centimeters of snow during March and April, and even as you’ll be in a hurry for spring to reach, it is probably higher to workout warning and keeps off converting tires till later within the season.

In a weblog submit on its internet site, the CAA says Montreal usually sees four snow days in April while Quebec City sees 5.

The treads on winter tires preserve snow, which allows enhancing traction and grip. Summer tires aren’t designed with equal treads.

The CAA recommends using the thermometer as opposed to the calendar to assist guide your selection on while to make the transfer from winter to summer tires, with the magic quantity to appearance out for being 7 C.

When it drops beneath that temperature, summer tires start losing their grip because the rubber compound on the tires hardens.

Furthermore, freeze and thaw cycles, traditional at the moment of 12 months, are conducive to black ice formation.

The CAA recommends ready until the thermometer reaches 7 C regularly earlier than switching tires.

That typically happens at the start of April in Montreal and with the aid of mid-April in Quebec City.

The obligatory period for winter tires in Quebec is from Dec. 15 to March 15, inclusively.

However, as of 2019, the closing date for winter tires has been driven as much as Dec. 1.

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