Two guys are supporting in police investigations into movies taken of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s son, Mr Li Yipeng, in a vehicle, as well as a fake Facebook put up about the incident.

The police said in an announcement yesterday that a police document has been made regarding videos taken of Mr Li, who was supplied a trip in a personal vehicle.

The vehicle became pushed with the aid of a 31-12 months-antique Singaporean guy, stated the police. It is understood that the automobile became no longer a private-hire automobile.

In the videos, the person was heard asking Mr Li repeatedly to confirm his identification, his home deal with and additionally his security arrangements.

“The videos were taken without Mr Li’s expertise or permission. The police are looking into the matter with the help of the driving force due to the fact the nature of the questions increases ultimate protection worries, given Mr Li’s background,” stated the police.

Mr Li, 36, who has Asperger’s syndrome, is the second one of PM Lee’s four children. The Prime Minister also has a daughter and two different sons.

The police introduced that the motive force becomes previously convicted of taking a car without the proprietor’s consent below the Road Traffic Act.

An offence of using without legitimate coverage underneath the Act turned into considered at some point of sentencing in 2014.

Separately, it’s miles understood that the person was involved previously in a robbery-in-dwelling case and changed into given a caution through the police.

There changed into also a police report lodged in opposition to him for crook intimidation.

The police also are investigating the flow of a photo showing a Facebook put up purportedly made with the aid of PM Lee approximately the incident.

The photo’s content material has been hooked up to be faux, police stated.

A 39-12 months-vintage guy is supporting the police in their investigations into this incident. The photograph has been circulating online on platforms inclusive of Telegram and Facebook.

PM Lee’s press secretary, Ms Chang Li Lin, stated the day past that the Prime Minister is privy to the incident, the motion pictures and the faux Facebook post.

She said: “It is of the problem that a prone character may be taken advantage of like this.

“Yipeng takes place to be the PM’s son, but many different inclined men and women go about Singapore on their personal, and that they have to be capable of accomplishing that properly, without being taken benefit of or pressured and without their privateness being breached.”

Ms Chang introduced that as the matter became being investigated via the police, PM Lee might now not remark similarly.

PM Lee thanked participants of the public who had expressed the problem about the problem.

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