Lt. Rouse was shot and killed pursuing a convenience keep robber in December 2010 at the same time as running for the Dougherty County police department.

“Three months after the year of his demise the police chief then who turned into Cliff’s boss and some bikers fashioned a ride only for the cash to elevate to provide to his circle of relatives,” stated Jackie Rouse, mother of Lt. Rouse.

Money raised from The Cliff Rouse Memorial Ride is about aside every yr, giving 1000 bucks to households which have misplaced loved ones in the line of duty.

“Cliff touched the lives of many human beings, and he would now not need this notoriety however if it becomes one of his coworkers he’d be proper within the middle of all of it,” stated Rouse.

Riders with American People Against Cop Killers or APACK rode in from Florida.

They said they were amazed at the aid of the hospitality in the Good Life City.

“The network is so supportive and the fact that these folks will pull over to the side of the street, & allow us to move by and to show recognise, and it’s just…It gives you goosebumps,” stated Tonya Griffin, a member of APACK.

Rouse’s mother says the journey become to put together via the Blue Knights and the Cliff Rouse experience committee.

“He has left a legacy, and it’s a legacy of the fantastic regulation enforcement officer that he was but in momma’s heart and daddy’s coronary heart he’s nonetheless that little boy that we raised.”

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