Kendrick Norton, a Miami Dolphins shielding address, is getting better in a clinic after a vehicle crash early Thursday morning led to him having his left arm amputated.

His agent, Malki Kawa, confirmed the crash on Twitter and the “multiple injuries” Norton suffered. Kawa asked the public to appreciate Norton’s privacy while he recovers.

According to a spokesperson for the Florida Highway Patrol, Norton, 22, drove his truck right into a concrete barrier which led to the automobile overturning. It’s no longer clear why Norton’s car hit the wall.

Another car changed into concerned inside the crash. However, the motive force of that automobile suffered no accidents. The Florida Highway Patrol will keep analyzing; the spokesperson said in an assertion despatched to TIME.

Norton became picked by the Carolina Panthers within the 7th round of the NFL draft in 2018. He becomes later traded to the Dolphins in December. He has yet to make a look in an ordinary season sport.

Often instances, automobile accidents arise so quickly and all of sudden that you will be shaken up, or even in shock. This tension can lead you to say matters which could seriously harm your ability to get hold of reimbursement for both property harm and personal accidents in.

After the twist of fate is over, you begin thinking if you may have completed something to save you the auto wreck. Human nature leads many human beings to consider anything they will have finished to contribute to the accident, even if in truth, the twist of fate turned into now, not their fault. However, a phrase of warning: DON’T make those types of statements to the police or insurance adjusters.

We are, without a doubt, not advocating that you lie. However, you do not necessarily volunteer data that can, in truth, be irrelevant to the case. If you volunteer this facts to the Police, it’s going to become inside the police document probably, and this records WILL be used in opposition to you to diminish or cast off compensation on your case, although the facts are beside the point to the real motive of the accident. Likewise, an insurance claims expert (once in a while called an “adjuster”) will use this facts in an try and shift blame, even if most active part, to you, and thereby lessen the price of your claim, if now not remove your recuperation all collectively. If you have facts which you trust did not reason the coincidence but could be wrongly used in opposition to you, then you need to talk over with a skilled vehicle coincidence lawyer first.

Here are four examples of statistics that could or won’t be applicable in your vehicle twist of fate case, and which you shouldn’t volunteer to an officer or insurance adjuster:

“I become at the phone.” Cell smartphone use is currently one of the pinnacles riding distractions in Texas. If you mention that you were at the smartphone at the time of the coincidence to any insurance claim specialist, they’ll maximum possibly expect that you were the cause of the automobile accident, and that as a result, you don’t deserve any repayment for your accidents. Instead of giving a biased coverage agent records regarding probably misguided and beside the point information, permit the police to use the documents to decide the real purpose of the car accident without volunteering information.


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