The used vehicle market has seen a multi-fold boom inside the past few years. While several mass phase cars are going for cheap inside the market, one can also get to pick from more than a few luxurious vehicles from the manufacturers like BMW, Land Rover, and more. Here are a few such motors that value no more than a brand new mass section vehicle. The video using My Country My Ride suggests a few such luxury models that are available at a cheaper fee than a Maruti Suzuki Dzire and Brezza.

BMW 320d

Year: 2012 Asking charge: Rs eight.90 lakh

BMW 320d is one of the first-class-promoting motors from the logo’s line-up in India. This sedan receives an automated transmission as popular. It is the 6th-technology F30 in India and changed into launched at Rs 29 lakh. The car gets powered by using a 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine that generates a maximum electricity of 254 Bhp and height torque of 350 Nm. It became a CKD model and came with iDrive as general too.
Jaguar XF S

Year: 2011 Price: Rs 15.90 lakhs

The Jaguar XF S is a chic searching sedan which gets an undying shape and design. The vehicle comes loaded with functions like a sunroof, four-area climate manages gadget and protection functions consisting of a 7-airbag gadget. This is the diesel version of the auto that came with a 3.0-liter diesel engine that generates a large 274 Bhp.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class C220

Year: 2013, Price: Rs thirteen.90

Mercedes-Benz C-Class is famous for its compact dimensions, and competitive seems. This C220 gets twin-zone AC, projector headlamps, leather-based seats, and more such luxury functions. It also gets powered through a diesel engine and gets an automated transmission.
Land Rover Freelander2

Year:2012, Price: Rs 11.75 lakh

This is 2012 Land Rover Freelander 2 SE, which has achieved an excellent 96,000 km in step with the odometer and is to be had at a less expensive fee than base Jeep Compass. The car receives contemporary tires as according to the post, and the coverage additionally covers absolutely. The Freelander 2 SE seen here is all original as according to the put up has been owned by an unmarried owner most effective. The 2.2-liter diesel engine to be had with the Freelander 2 produces maximum energy of 147. Five Bhp and a top torque of 420 Nm.
Audi Q7

Year: 2012, Price: 18.5 lakh each

Audi Q7 is the flagship SUV of the logo and has been the selection of celebrities and high-profile businessmen for a long term now. This unique version of the Audi Q7 is said to be one of the excellent-looking generations. The Audi Q7 is gets powered by way of both petrol and diesel engine options. However, each the motors seen right here arrives the diesel engine options. Both the SUVs seen within the video are further loaded with capabilities and gets a comparable degree of the gadget.

Amitabh Bachchan is one of the oldest figures of Bollywood who’re still alive and rocking. The famend actor has a ton of lovers unfold across the world, and his own family is one of the maximum famous and influential families within the B-Town. Naturally then, the actor and his family love to transport around in fashion. For the identical, here is a list of vehicles that are currently part of the Bachchan family garage.

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