Chinese tire manufacturer, Guizhou Tyre Co. Ltd., which makes the Advance and Samson manufacturers, has introduced plans to set up a wholly owned subsidiary in Vietnam. This will help Guizhou Tyre to boost also the development of the truck and bus tire plant that is currently under creation in Vietnam. According to the Global Tire Report posted by Rubber News, Guizhou Tyre is the No. 36 tire producer within the world, with a financial income of USD 730 million in 2017. While it skilled a net loss of USD 34 million in 2017, closing 12 months, Guizhou Tyre experienced a turnaround and posted a net income of USD 17 million.

The new subsidiary that the agency could be putting in place in Vietnam may be called Advance Tyre (Vietnam). It could have a registered capital of USD forty-three million, and it’s business scope will cover the producing of rubber tires and rubber products, in line with the statement that Guizhou Tyre made currently.

Guizhou Tyre is currently engaged inside the creation of a USD 400 million tire plant on the Long Giang Industrial Park in Tien Giang province, close to Ho Chi Minh City. The business enterprise had announced plans for the plant back in 2017, and it is to be built in three levels. The first section of the plant is anticipated to become operational via 2019. As part of phase 2, the organization will invest a further USD 140 million for making 2 million extra tires on an annual foundation in addition to the 1.2 million units that became, to begin with deliberate. The organization will set up a rubber processing facility as part of segment 3.

Recently, Guizhou Tyre and a related company, Guizhou Tyre Import & Export Co. Ltd., have been imposed US countervailing import responsibilities to the music of 63.34 percent via the U.S. Commerce Department. This is the highest level of tariffs faced by any tire producer, and now the agency is focusing on different foreign places markets, consisting of Vietnam.

Guizhou Tyre stated it expects the Vietnam operation to generate $21 million in annual profit on USD 149 million in sales while working at full capacity.

“The business enterprise has efficaciously adjusted its product portfolio and local income percentage, substantially raised tire income quantity and price and upped income margin,” it said.

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