The used car market in India is round Rs 1 lakh crore. This is half the scale of the new vehicle marketplace. This itself tells you the way lots hobby the used car market has in India. We all have unique tastes when it comes to owning a car or at least while taking into consideration shopping for one. Data science and machine learning can deliver the most essential pointers to solve those form of issues.

The one primary element that holds anybody again while shopping for a used car is the fee. Analytics India Magazine, in partnership with Imarticus Learning, is hosting a hackathon at the MachineHack platform with this hassle assertion. They deliver you a hackathon wherein you may be predicting the expenses of used cars across the usa. Whether it is a royal luxury sedan or a finances software vehicle, everything may be bought within the used automobile marketplace. In this hackathon, you may be predicting the costs of used cars with the information accumulated from numerous assets and dispensed across diverse places in India.

This hackathon hassle will let you showcase your information science skills using predicting the charge of a used car primarily based on a given set of capabilities. The training set size is [6,019] records and the scale of the take a look at collection [is] 1,234 statistics. Following functions are given to you to make the prediction:

location: The region wherein the automobile is being sold or is available for purchase.

Year: The year or version of the model.

Kilometers_Driven: The general kilometers driven in the car by way of the preceding proprietor(s) in KM.

Fuel_Type: The type of fuel utilized by the car.

Transmission: The type of communication utilized by the automobile.

Owner_Type: Whether the ownership is Firsthand, Second hand or other.

Mileage: The well-known distance offered using the car enterprise in kmpl or km/kg

Engine: The displacement volume of the engine in cc.

Power: The maximum electricity of the engine in bhp.

Seats: The variety of positions inside the vehicle.

New_Price: The rate of a new vehicle of the same model.

Price: The charge of the used car in INR Lakhs.

MachineHack as a platform is dedicated to bringing out the high-quality in our growing data science network. The statistics are gathered from credible assets, and we welcome all the younger data scientists obtainable to play with the statistics until you end up proper at it. Challenge your self with this hackathon, get rated for your displays, and win exciting prizes.

To participate in the hackathon, click on here.
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