Proof-of-concept Halo motorbike to be unveiled with Virtual Reality revel in at TechCrunch Sessions: Mobility on July 10

● Damon’s patented 360º Advanced Warning System for Motorcycles (AWSM™) and remodeling ergonomics are poised to revolutionize motorcycle commuting

● West Coast demo excursion taking vicinity from July eleven to fourteen

● Major bike police fleets and bike manufacturers scheduled for test experience and evaluation

Damon Motorcycles, a leading -wheel technology corporation, today announced a demo excursion to preview their evidence-of-idea Halo motorcycle in principal cities at the West Coast from July 11 to fourteen. The demo excursion will observe the initial public unveiling of Damon’s AI-stronger and transforming electric powered motorcycle at TechCrunch Sessions: Mobility. Damon may be at the Main Stage at the California Theater in San Jose, California from 1:00 PM to at least one:10 PM PT on July 10. Damon’s patented collision avoidance gadget will be verified to greater than a thousand attendees that consist of leading founders, investors, and technologists who’re exploring the future of mobility and transportation.

Damon has created the first AI-more desirable caution gadget for bikes. The patented Advanced Warning System for Motorcycles (AWSM) locks onto dozens of items in 360º across the bike, and alerts the rider to oncoming threats the use of visible cues and patented haptic vibration in the handlebars. The sensor array additionally tracks the velocity, direction, and pace of as much as 64 gadgets right now to anticipate a coincidence ahead of time, giving riders that one new 2d needed to react. The electronically adjustable ergonomics unique to Damon bikes can accommodate diverse avenue conditions, presenting a safer, smarter and more versatile bike for 2-wheel commuters.

“We constructed what every rider goals of a bike that can adapt to the converting avenue situations, perfectly suited for inner-city commutes, rewinding roads and everything in between,” stated Jay Giraud, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Damon Motorcycles. “Having a Damon motorcycle way having an upright commuter bike, a forgiving traveling motorcycle and a thrilling game motorcycle, all-in-one.”

The bike is a super automobile for saving time and reducing congestion for commuting, nestled among lower variety throughway-restricted scooters and e-bikes and large cars. As semi-independent vehicles grow to be extra, not unusual, motorcycles are and have long been perceived as unsafe, intimidating, and harsh to the trip, primary to a widening hole in consumer adoption. As congestion increases in cities due to a growing city populace and get entry to to vehicles is limited, innovation is critical for commuters that rely upon bikes for go-town commuting.

Major police forces are scheduled to check journey and pre-order Damon’s 360º Advanced Warning System for Motorcycles (AWSM) for their fleets. Motorcycle producers have also scheduled take a look at rides to remember factory integration on their next generation of bikes.

Proudly constructed in Vancouver, BC and founded by serial entrepreneurs, Damon Motorcycles is a central two-wheel generation organisation that employs radical improvements in sensor fusion, robotics, and AI to expand the reach of a rider’s senses in 360º and supply improved situational attention. Damon’s assignment is to reason a paradigm shift for more secure, smarter motorcycling. For greater statistics


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