New from Coverking – the MODA Stretch Car Covers for all years of Corvettes And Camaros. These covers natural an outstanding-stretch fabric at the outdoor with a fleece liner at the internal. See extra details under.

Official Release:

MODA by using Coverking now gives an intensive line of premium stretch vehicle vehicle covers for all Corvette and Camaro applications. MODA automobile covers provide excellent indoor safety with a great-stretch fabric at the outside, and a fleece liner on the inner. The cowl showcases the contours of the car with a smooth look that could be a custom suit for every make, version, and yr utility.

MODA automobile covers additionally feature custom healthy mirror pockets alongside stretchable sewing and elastic that tightly hugs the contours of the vehicle. This breathable material protects your vehicle from accidental scratches, dust, and moisture. MODA through Coverking car covers are available darkish black, and function the vehicle’s accurate model year brand at the the front of the duvet. Each cowl consists of a transport bag that permits you to without difficulty save it inside the trunk or backseat.

Moroso introduces GM LS Ignition Wire Sets with aluminum shielded spark plug boots, Part No. 73659 have the blue cord, Part No. 73679 have pink twine, and Part No. 73730 have a black cord. The wires are nine-3⁄4″ long, match Moroso Tall Valve Covers or OEM Valve Covers, OEM and Aftermarket Coils. Like all Moroso Ultra 40 ignition cord, they have a notably engineered spiral wound conductor, locking chrome steel terminals that fold over and crimp, stay linked and gained’t vibrate unfastened like center crimped brands and a silicone jacket that protects in opposition to heat, chafing and contaminants. The quit result is More energy to the spark plugs with much less magnetic interference with simplest 40 Ohms of resistance per foot. Lastly, the Aluminum shielded spark plug ends are resilient to high temperatures.


Fits Moroso Tall Valve Covers or OEM Valve Covers, OEM and Aftermarket Coils
Highly engineered spiral wound conductor
Locking chrome steel terminals that fold over and crimp

New from Summit – Roadster Shop SPEC Series Chassis Kits for Chevy Trucks. These kits offer contemporary managing and ride comfort without the hassle of upgrading decades-antique underpinnings. See extra information underneath.

Official Release:

Make your subsequent 1960-87 Chevy C10 task better — and less complicated to build — with a Roadster Shop SPEC Chassis Kit. The Roadster Shop used its 25 years of building custom chassis to create kits that provide contemporary handling and trip comfort without the hassle of upgrading along time-antique underpinning. A-SPEC package would possibly even prevent money compared to the fee of elements and labor needed to whip an old chassis into shape.

All Roadster Shop SPEC Series kits are designed to supply a competitive four.Five to five-inch experience top—no need to cut, C-notch, or step your original frame and fear about preserving the entirety rectangular. If you select the airbag suspension choice, you’ll be able to lay body using a 29 inch-tall tire.

Each package has a complete-perimeter TIG-welded frame with precision CNC laser-cut and contoured body rails. That makes them more potent and lighter than mandrel-bent tubing frames without kinks, bends, or strain areas. A more fabulous rigid body way your suspension will feature paintings better, too.


Accommodates mini-tubs and wheels as much as 12 inches extensive
CNC-located factory frame, bumper, and core guide mounts for a true bolt-on set up
Crossmembers and chassis bracing will accommodate three-inch exhaust structures
Adjustable drop-out transmission mount
Choice of engine mounts for small block Chevy, huge block Chevy, and GM LS

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