What do the number on the tiered guy.

Tires have a lot of markings on their sidewalls. Most of us understand the fundamentals; however, in the subsequent 11 mins, we will all become absolute understand-it-alls approximately a way to study just about every letter and number on a tire’s sidewall. Guiding us in this adventure of tire interpreting is explainer-in-leader, Jason Fenske of […]

Here’s How Some of the Best Summer Tires on the Market Stack Up

These days, there’s a seemingly infinite quantity of various overall performance tire options to pick from. It’s tough to make such an essential (and pricey) choice just by using looking at tread styles and put on rankings. The Tyre Reviews YouTube channel delivered eight summer season tire alternatives collectively for a complete instrumented take a […]

The new Ford Explorer can be equipped with tires that could restore themselves

You might have heard of “run flat” tires which can preserve rolling for a short period after being damaged, giving drivers the risk to avoid right now pulling over to alternate the casing or make a restore. But Ford and Michelin are taking things farther with Selfseal tires, available on the brand new Ford Explorer […]

Watch how vintage tires are retreaded so that they can be used again

Narrator: When your tire wears out, you take it to a shop in which it is tossed out for a new one. The discarded tire is generally recycled – ground up and chemically damaged down to apply as a building cloth in streets or parks. Some organizations wish to reuse in another way. For years, […]

Guizhou Tyre to Set up Subsidiary in Vietnam

Chinese tire manufacturer, Guizhou Tyre Co. Ltd., which makes the Advance and Samson manufacturers, has introduced plans to set up a wholly owned subsidiary in Vietnam. This will help Guizhou Tyre to boost also the development of the truck and bus tire plant that is currently under creation in Vietnam. According to the Global Tire […]

Goodyear designed a tire that would assist vehicles fly

New York (CNN Business)Flying cars, though nevertheless very much science fiction, ought to sooner or later disrupt Goodyear’s tire business. If flying vehicles ever take over the roadways — and skyways — Goodyear could need a piece of that marketplace. The business enterprise has designed an airless tire, called the Goodyear Aero, which would double […]

The Essential Guide to Adventure-Vehicle Tires

Whether you’re taking a pass-united state of America avenue ride, overlanding for your four-wheel-force rig, or heading as much as the ski region, having the right tires to your car will get you there safer and greater without difficulty. Many drivers don’t give their tires a 2nd though, but the one’s black spherical things are […]

Enter on your risk to win* a free set of tires from TireRack!

TireRack is a web vendor of automotive components, add-ons and, of course, tires. Yep: domestic-added tires. It makes a ton of feel while you think about it, because similarly to a far more extensive selection than you’d discover at most tire shops, you furthermore may get entry to a wealth of tire-selection advice, studies and […]