HYDERABAD: German vehicle maker Audi on Thursday rued the “high tax” imposed on luxurious cars and said it expects to post muted boom at some point of the present day year.

The organisation additionally stated it might launch three new models Q8, A8 and R8 in India throughout the route of the yr.

Audi India Head, Rahil Ansari said the high tax levied on luxurious automobiles had turned out to impede the growth of the category in India.

“Taxes on luxurious cars are too excessive, in particular, if you look at the GST at 28 in line with the cent and cess 15 to 22 according to the cent. It is simply too excessive. If luxury motors are made available to extra, we will promote extra motors, and tax revenues will increase” he said.

“We can have extra human resources and growth funding inside the community. But presently the manner it’s a far (like) tax is taken into consideration (as) a sin and comfort isn’t always a sin”, he stated.

“We do not count on the boom (in 2019) instead of (as compared to) the last yr. We sold 6,463 motors remaining year.”

Ansari said Audi India had a loss in terms of volumes in 2018 due to the unforeseen closure of one of their largest sellers inside the NCR and the exchange of European emission norms called WLPT, that also caused a few put off in introducing new merchandise into India.

He turned into talking to reporters after inaugurating a new showroom here.

Ansari started the business enterprise’s famous version Q2 changed into one of the manufacturers that may be introduced to India under the “homologation scheme” beneath which the government lets in imports of up to 2,500 units without the want to evolve to Indian policies.

“Q2 will be one of the motors beneath the scheme that might be examined (in India) under the scheme and spot if the recognition of Q2 is there,” he said.

To a question, he stated, Audi planned to release its electric powered vehicle e-Tron in 2020, and it may be superior if the charging infrastructure become in location.

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