Silverado Canyon, Calif. — Four people have been killed Sunday while motorcyclists with one passenger each collided in Orange County, CBS Los Angeles reports.

The crash occurred around four:30 p.M. In Silverado Canyon, some 40 miles southeast of L.A.

CBS Los Angeles’ Desmond Shaw, pronounced from over the accident scene, stated he couldn’t zoom in due to the fact “it is a gruesome scene.”

He stated the California Highway Patrol changed into investigating the coincidence and no different automobiles seemed to be worried.

Officials said adult males and females were stated useless on the scene.

The CHP said the crash happened when a motorcyclist heading north tried to pass a vehicle at a bend in the road. That motorcyclist crossed the double yellow traces and hit the other cyclist head-on.

“It’s a pretty bad scene,” stated CHP Officer Florentino Olivera. “Probably one of the worst ones we have seen in a while.”

The driver of the auto the motorbike tried to bypass stayed at the scene to inform the CHP what occurred.

Motorcyclist Cynthia Fox wasn’t related to the crash; however, came using to pay her respects. She lives some miles far from the coincidence. “My coronary heart goes out to all their households,” she said.

Olivera stated there might be no motive to pass any other automobile, particularly not around a blind turn.

“Be patient with drivers in the front of you,” he stated. “If they’re going the velocity restriction, and you are in a rush for some purpose, don’t overtake that automobile if it will be too dangerous for you.”

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